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Mike Mason

Looking back over the years it is amazing how quickly time flies and what I have done in my life. From singing around the world with a truly amazing show band to diving into swimming pools and dragging people out who were in difficulty as a lifeguard; I really have had a very varied list of jobs.

To say I have had fun would be an understatement, nothing compares to working on live television. They say that if you find a job you love then you will never work a day in your life and for the last 15 years there is not a day gone by that I have not been truly grateful to have such a wonderful job.

Peter Simon

My career in show business began at the age of 12 when I worked as a regular presenter in the Yorkshire Television Series ‘Junior Showtime’. Since those early days, I have performed at virtually all the major cabaret venues throughout the world; including a ten month season at ‘The Desert Inn’ in Las Vegas.

I have worked frequently with the BBC, starring on their hugely successful TV series ‘Double Dare’ before going on to present the gunge-filled ‘Run the Risk’ children’s game show.

Sally Jacks

Well, where do I start? I’m a northern bird who talks for a living, on the box and on the wireless. I’m the new kid on the block at Ideal World and I’m blooming loving every minute of it!

Family is such a big part in my life and I love spending time with mine whenever I can, but especially at the most beautiful time of the year…Christmas, as I am Mrs Christmas…lol. It was a huge shock for Gary and me when I fell pregnant, it was a life changing experience and the hardest thing I think we have ever done. Despite the sleepless nights, I never knew I could have so much love for our wonderful little boy Frankie Jack, born in August 2014. Still gutted though that I cannot get into my pre-pregnancy jeans - this year, I promise I will. I have to really as I’m getting married and I cannot cope thinking it could be named ‘The Big Fat Sally Wedding’!

As many of you will already know my greatest passion is Fashion; helping people to feel good about themselves and more confident. I love to design clothes, as well as having my own successful range; I have also created for a Parisian fashion house. Don’t stand still for too long in my company, as I am always thinking up new ways to accessorise and you may find something stuck on you!

Dennice Robinson

Hi there, this is Dennice just about to start another day of presenting on Ideal World! I joined Ideal World about a month after the channel launched in 2000 and have honestly had more fun, enjoyment and job satisfaction here than I have experienced in all my working life.

I am a busy mum of two grown daughters, one of whom is special needs, and they together with my husband and granddaughter are the joy of my life.

I look forward to my working week at Ideal World and over the many, many years have had the pleasure of presenting products that can; make life easier; make you look better; make you feel better; make you sleep better and even make your hair grow ! What's not to like?

Working with a fantastic team and presenting to such a kind and generous audience makes me feel like a very, very lucky person - long may it continue!

Shaun Ryan

Hello, Shaun here. I really can’t quite believe that I have been with Ideal World since it all began in the year 2000. My mathematical brain has calculated that I must have already presented around 12,000 hours of live Shopping TV!

I had my heart set on being a TV presenter from as a teenager but the journey getting there was quite a colorful one. I went to a strict all-boys Grammar school in York but moved to London at the age of 19 to study a BA in Performance Arts, followed by a post graduate course at Mountview Theatre School. At times living in London was quite tough and I was often broke as work for young graduate performers, was quite spasmodic.

Some of my career highlights before Ideal World include professional pantomime at Brighton’s Theatre Royal; touring with Eartha Kitt; presenting live roadshows for London’s Capital FM and even singing on tour in a boy band - quite badly I may add! The lowest point was wearing a potato costume in Leicester Square for ten hours in scorching summer heat - I was definitely a ‘baked potato’ by the end of the day!

In my home time I love gardening, cooking, watching a good film and spending time with my mum, family and friends and my cat, Tink. I also adore nice pubs and great food, and proudly run an award-winning village pub with my wonderful partner Jay! Occasionally I pull a pint, however you will usually find me in front of the bar rather than behind it! I also love getting away on cruise holidays and seeing as much of the world as possible. I have presented The Planet Cruise TV Show for 8 years on Ideal World so I face temptation every single week - that’s my excuse anyway!

I feel very lucky in life; love my job, partner, family and truly appreciate everything that I have. Thanks so much for reading and see you soon.

Hayley Green

Hi Everyone, Hayley here! You know when you sometimes just have to pinch yourself and realise how lucky you are? That’s how I feel about being part of the Ideal World family.

Before this I had every job you can imagine, I worked as a singer, milk lady, blue coat, warehouse packer, dancer, entertainment manager and many more! However the last 3 years at Ideal World have been the highlight of my working life, I have had the opportunity to present a lot of my favourites including fitness, fashion, interiors and DIY.

When I’m not working I’m with my Mum or my partner (who also works at Ideal world) and we all love to travel here, there and everywhere! The best thing about my new base here in Peterborough is my new home; I live right next to a lake and have befriended the local duck community, who now come tapping their beaks on my door for food and cuddles!

Howard Griffiths

I joined the Ideal World Presenting team in 2005 after seeing the channel feature on BBC One ‘The Apprentice’ with Sir Alan Sugar.

Since joining I’ve demonstrated thousands of products and enjoyed the company of a plethora of enthusiastic guests including George Foreman, Paul McKenna, Linda Lusardi and Craig Phillips.

Before joining the Ideal team I presented television and radio programmes for BBC and ITV. My 1st BBC presenting role was flying to New York on Concorde for BBC Radio 5. I ran the New York Marathon in 1998 reporting live for BBC Radio and was back in New York 1999 with the BBC for the launch of SWS, the Social Welsh & Sexy Club in NY. I’ve presented a wide variety of TV programmes for ITV Wales including my own travel series where I visited villages and interviewed the local people. Guess what they called the TV Series – ‘Village People’. It ran for two series and provided the opportunity to discover my beautiful homeland Wales.

In 2009 I presented live Michael Jacksons LA Staples Funeral for BBC. Shortly after I interviewed Michael Jackson’s official Artist Nate Giorgio for Ideal World, while showcasing The Michael Jackson Opus live on air.

In 2010 I overcame my fear of heights by skydiving from 15,000 feet for charity. Recently I’ve appeared on ‘The Only Ways is Essex’ on ITV Be; ‘All About The Bants’ Prank Show on ITV2, Hosted on ‘Dance Mums’ on Lifetime; and in January 2015 appeared on ‘Come Dine with Me’ on Channel 4 and used many of the gadgets we sell on Ideal World to prepare the meal!

When not broadcasting or hosting events I love spending time with my family, working out in the gym, travelling and cooking with Ideal World kitchen products.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for watching our shows!

Joanne Vandermerwe-Mahon

Hi, I'm Joanne, I joined the family here at Ideal World back in 2003 and boy have those 13 years whizzed by! I have managed to move house 7 times, meet and marry my wonderful husband and have our gorgeous little daughter over this period. Ideal World has, I guess understandably, become a home from home for me and my colleagues really have become like a family. One of the great benefits of being part of the team has been how so many of the solutions that we feature here on the channel have helped me to achieve a better balance between what we love and enjoy doing as a family and what has to be done to run a happy household and lead a healthy life.

My passion in life is for homemaking; DIY, Gardening, Baking, Cooking, there is nothing I won't have a go at! Nothing motivates me more than my family and friends’ happiness and wellbeing. I love home décor and cooking; I dream storage solutions and kids’ birthday parties.

As many of you will know I grew up in South Africa and despite living in the UK for over 20 years I still have the accent. This may be down to daily talks with my adorable mother, who only lives 6 miles down the road!

I can't get over how lucky we are to have made the friendship and company of so many wonderful folk in this beautiful country – I’ve even grown to enjoy its crazy daily seasons!

Paul Becque

Hello there, my name’s Paul. I’ve been a shopping TV Presenter since 2005; no two days are the same and I absolutely love it! I especially enjoy learning about the latest technology and gadgets and how they can make our lives easier.

I have four wonderful children, two boys and two girls, so any products that can cut down my time in the garden or fixing up the house are really appreciated. I help my beautiful wife in the kitchen as much as possible, although she doesn’t always find it helpful and delegates me jobs, like cooking in the halogen oven or making frozen desserts with the power blender!

Genevieve Ni Reamoinn

Hi everyone, it’s Genevieve here. I am so lucky to be able to say that I have been part of Ideal World for nearly five years - I can't believe how fast the time has flown by!

You may have noticed by my accent that I am originally from Ireland; Co Cork to be exact. I kissed the Blarney Stone on a school trip and haven't stopped chatting since!

I started out studying journalism and I have written many articles on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment for national magazines and newspapers. I had my own ‘Style & Beauty’ column which quickly turned into a full page feature every week. I also worked as a stylist for celebrities and a TV style expert.

I enjoyed presenting and started working on consumer, entertainment and daytime magazine shows. I was delighted to report from red carpet events such as film premieres, the BAFTAs and other film awards; it's a great experience presenting live as you have to think quickly and be prepared for anything.

I have interviewed many movie stars and film directors and I have to say they were always so lovely and very chatty. One of my favourite moments was being allowed to hold a BAFTA by a well-known actor, but then I did nearly drop it - those things are heavy!

I love how presenting at Ideal World allows me to pursue my passion for journalism, fashion and lifestyle, and was delighted to be given the opportunity to design a range of dresses, which was a wonderful experience.

When not working I love being with my family and friends and adore music and theatre.