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Secret Extensions are undetectable extensions that will give you dozens of new looks to help you dazzle in any way you like. Our video tutorials show you how to get the most from your Secret Extensions and learn new tips and tricks for styles, looks and following the latest in hair fashions.

16" long and made of Keralon-conditioned fibre that moves like, feels like and looks like the real thing, available in different colours to perfectly blend in with you hair. Can be curled and styled just like your own hair with most styling tools. The secret is the revolutionary, patented headband which is completely invisible. Simply place it on like a headband and pull your own hair over. Adjustable, it fits every head beautifully without any bumps, ridges, clips, or damage to your hair.

Your secret weapons to achieving thick, fuller, longer hair in seconds. Explore all the looks available to you now, by clicking on a video to jump right in.

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#1 How To
#2 Hair Swept to One Side
#3 Side Ponytail
#4 Side Plait
#5 Messy Side Bun
#6 Half Up Half Down