Skinn by Dimitri James

Our company motto is “what counts is inside”. Nothing is more important to us than bringing you intelligent, inspired, and innovative skincare. Try our groundbreaking products—we’re confident you’ll see the difference in your skin. At Skinn, we focus on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, not how the jar looks. Skinn Cosmetics incorporates the time-honored methods of mothers and grandmothers who made their own soaps, creams and masks at home using pure, natural ingredients. These classic traditions combined with the most advanced technology and delivery systems available differentiate Skinn from all other cosmetic brands. Skinn treatments and color cosmetics are famously full of actives, yet devoid of unnecessary water, fillers, or excess packaging. To ensure the highest quality possible, Skinn built its own production facility at the company’s Southern California headquarters.

Skinn ambassador Brittney Levine has been dishing out fashion advice and bargain buys since she was a little girl.

After graduating from the Miami University of Ohio’s Richard T. Farmer School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Brittney learned the inner workings of publishing at Elite Traveler Magazine. Shortly thereafter she re-entered the world of publicity and quickly surrounded herself with tastemakers, trendsetters and new business concepts popping up all over New York City and the world.

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