Douvalls Argan Active Protective Eye Serum Protect, Repair, Moisturise, and Lift the Thin Skin Around Your Eyes

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Product Highlights
  • A SKINCARE TOOL FOR EYES - The protective serum gives your eyes an improved look with repeated use
  • HOW DOES IT WORK - Active ingredients present in the serum tighten the skin around your eyes and give it a plump look
  • TOTAL NOURISMENT - Dryness makes your skin vulnerable, by moisturising your undereye skin on a deeper level, the serum ensures it maintains the natural vigour, giving your eyes a fresh look
  • CALMING INGREDIENTS - Soothing aloe vera extract present in the serum will offer comfort to your skin
  • A TOTAL PACKAGE - Its formula is designed to protect, repair and lift the thin skin around your eyes
  • CARES FOR YOUR SKIN - Absence of harmful chemicals makes the organic serum a suitable product for women with sensitive skin
Product Details
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  • Benefits
    Anti-Bacterial, Moisturising, Nourishing
  • Body Area
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  • Skin Type
    All Skin Types
  • Volume
    15 ml
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  • Special Feature
    Anti Ageing, Clarifiying, Cleansing, Freshening